Could Avengers: Endgame lose its position as the world's second highest grossing film, as James Cameron re-releases Titanic after Avatar?

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Avatar: The Way of Water director James Cameron is considered one of Hollywood's most innovative filmmakers based on the success of his latest film. Titanic, The Terminator series, and True Lies are among the films he has directed.

Through the use of novel technologies, he often pushed the boundaries of cinematic capability. As well as his love for the big screen, he often talks about how much he enjoys watching movies. It is for this reason that Cameron is re-releasing Titanic in theaters.

25th anniversary of the movie

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie, James Cameron plans to rerelease the movie in theaters because he doesn't expect to live to see the 50th. After Avengers: Endgame and Avatar, Titanic is the third highest-grossing film of all time.

In deciding to re-release the 1997 film on its 25th anniversary, Cameron had an unusual response to the question of when. This year's 25th anniversary will not be celebrated on December 19, 2023, but rather on Valentine's Day, according to the director.

After that, I was asked, ‘What is the date?’ I thought Valentine’s Day was a good choice since, during the original release between 1997 and 1998, we came out just a few days before Christmas. It was the 16th of December, I think. James Cameron told Sirius XM that Valentine's Day was the film's highest-grossing single day.

Celebration of love

"It's obvious why, but it's very unusual for a film to have its biggest single day after being in the market for two months." the Titanic director added. In other words, it's a celebration of love. This is a celebration of both the movie and the movie itself. As well as celebrating the success of the movie. So, yeah. It's just a little fuller and more surrounding you. However, we haven't changed the movie's frame. Easter eggs or end-credit sequences aren't included. There's no need to tease another movie."

The decision is based on the analysis of previous ticket sales. On February 10, those who are eager to see the film again will be able to do so in 3D, 4K HDR, and high frame rate. Cameron also confirmed that Dolby Atmos was added to the film after it was remastered ten years ago.

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