Avengers movie , Avengers movie download , Avengers history


Avengers movie ,  Avengers movie download , Avengers history and real life name

Avengers movie download

Here in this article we will discuss about avengers movie . We will also know  Avengers movie characters real name and download avengers movie directly .

We all know that avenger movie is the most popular movie in this world. We all love avengers movie because of action , uniqueness , story  and act of our favourate stars. Each and every part of this movie is really amazing and well directed.

Avengers History

When was first part of avenger released ?

Guys development of this film started when the loan was passed by Merrill Lynch in 2005 . Marvel studios took loan from Merrill Lynch and released their first movie Iron Man in 2008 . After the success of Iron man Marvel studios announced for The avengers . They announced that avengers will be released on 2011. But because of some problems release date was changed to 2012 and finally movie was released on april 11 , 2012. The avengers got huge love from united states and other countries because of direction , screen plsy , sound effects , secquences , acting visual effects and action. This movie got  numerous award including acedemy award.

Do you know that The avengers is the american superhero film based on  amazing marvel comic superheroes . All series of avenger movies was produced Disney Studios motion pictures .

We are here to download avengers movie , so i will provide you download link at the bottom of the article .if you wish to download movie withoud reading these information provided then you can download it.

Avengers team and their real real life name

I just love the characters the movie avengers . Characters are given below with their real life name.

Avengers movie characters real name

Iron man -  Robert downey
Hulk         -   Mark ruffalo
Caption America   -   Chris Evans
Black widow    -   Scarlett Johans
Thor           -    Chris Hemsworth
Clint Barton   -   Jeremy Renner
Loki    -    Tom Hiddleston
Nick Fury   -   Samuel L. Jack
Maria hill   -  Cobie Smulders
Phil Coulson   -  Clark Gergg
Edwin jarvis    - Paul Bettany
Pepper Pots    - Gwyneth Paltrow
Shawna Lynde   - Romy Rosemont

These are the important characters in the movie avengers. This movie  is really awesome and well directed by Joss Whedon and the movie was well written by Joss Whedon.

This film shows the importace of team work. The whole avenger team fights for peace . Avengers work in team in order to protect earth , they try to stop Thor's brother loki .

My views

I personally love this movie , i am big fan of Robert Downey . I just love his acting and way of talking. I watched iron movie more than 50 times. The hole Avenger movie is really awesome . This film has action , effects and amazing sound quality that makes this film unique and best.

Download Avenger movie

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Avengers movie

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Conclusion : 

Avengers movie is really amazing , you must watch this movie . I am sure that you will love this movie. Download link for avengers movie has been already provided you above . Downlaod avenger movie  all series here is this website.

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